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Having the ability in every environment.



By commercial we mean offices and company premises. This

may be a mix where there is offices and warehousing. We have

been asked to design for floor spaces, number of personnel or strategically to cater for future requirements. Whatever the requirement we are pretty sure we have done it before. From serviced offices to hotels to city trading floors, our experience is truly outstanding. If you have your own way or need us to design from scratch just bring it to us.



Being a very different environment from commercial, we have to look at the infrastructure differently. There may be high voltages to contend with from a safety and EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) point of view. Galvanised containment should go in to protect and help shield the communications. Earthing and bonding issues become very important particularly if a shielded cable system is used. From Cadburys to Ford we have been there and successfully installed a robust and efficient infrastructure.

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